Financial Information

Financial Information

The TOT Spot of South Carolina  charges a flat fee of $800 for a frenectomy, regardless of how many ties your child or infant may have released.  We require payment in full at the time of the release and will gladly assist in filing with your medical or dental insurance company.  Any insurance payments will be reimbursed to  the subscriber directly.

The TOT Spot of SC recommends contacting your insurance company prior to having the release so you are prepared to let our team know how you would like to handle any claim filings at the appointment.


For your convenience, we have provided the diagnostic and procedure codes below.

Tongue and Lip Tie Codes

Dental Code

D7961- Frenectomy –Labial

D7962-Frenectomy- Lingual

Medical Procedure Codes
41010- Tongue
40806- Lip

Medical Diagnostic Codes
Q38.0- Lip Tie
Q38.1- Tongue Tie
K08.89 Buccal Tie
R63.3- Feeding Difficulty/Mismanagement (not breastfeeding)
P92.2- Slow Feeding Newborn
P92.8- Other Feeding Problems
P92.9- Feeding Problem in Newborn
M26.59-Other Dentofacial Functional Anomalies (Myofunctional disorder)
R47.9- Speech disturbances (articulation disorder not developmental in nature)
R13 code series (various types of dysphagia and swallowing issues)

The TOT Spot is a tethered oral tissues treatment center in Simpsonville, SC located within the Greenville metro area. Led by Dr. Ann Bynum, the center focuses on properly diagnosing tongue & lip ties and providing
CO2 laser surgery to quickly and painlessly release ties. Our practice serves patients throughout the Greenville, South Carolina area, as well as Atlanta, Asheville, and other areas of SC, NC, and GA.

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